Module Tezos_base

module Block_header : sig ... end
module Block_locator : sig ... end

A locator t is a data structure which roughly represents a list of block hashes in the chain. These hashes go from the top of the chain to the bottom. It is sparse in the sense that the distance between two hashes increases exponentially when we move away from the head.

module Bounded : sig ... end

This module implements bounded (or refined) versions of data types.

module Dal_srs : sig ... end
module Data_encoding_wrapper : sig ... end
module Distributed_db_version : sig ... end

Distributed_db protocol version.

module Fitness : sig ... end
module Genesis : sig ... end
module Internal_event_config : sig ... end

Configure the event-logging framework.

module Mempool : sig ... end

Tezos Shell Module - Mempool, a.k.a. the operations safe to be broadcast.

module Network_version : sig ... end
module Operation : sig ... end
module P2p_addr : sig ... end
module P2p_connection : sig ... end
module P2p_identity : sig ... end
module P2p_peer : sig ... end
module P2p_peer_id : sig ... end
module P2p_point : sig ... end
module P2p_rejection : sig ... end
module P2p_stat : sig ... end

Bandwidth usage statistics

module P2p_version : sig ... end

P2p-layer protocol version.

module Point_parser : sig ... end
module Profiler : sig ... end

This profiling library declares a high-level interface meant to be used to instrument code in order to measure the time spent in the different parts in such a way to yield a (human-)processable report. This module declares a generic interface (driver) that will provide an API to the developer to instrument the code. When the profiling data is recorded, the abstracted profiler will feed it to its "plugged" backend (instance) which will process the different profiler's nodes in order to produce the reports. Reports may also be combined to interwine different components' traces.

module Protocol : sig ... end
module S : sig ... end
module Sized : sig ... end
module Skip_list : sig ... end

This module provides an implementation of the skip list data structure.

module Test_chain_status : sig ... end
module Time : sig ... end

Time management

module TzPervasives : sig ... end
module User_activated : sig ... end
module Worker_intf : sig ... end
module Worker_types : sig ... end