Module Tezos_shell

module Block_directory : sig ... end
module Block_validator : sig ... end

This module is the main entry point to valide blocks and protocols.

module Block_validator_events : sig ... end
module Block_validator_process : sig ... end

Block_validator_process is used to validate new blocks. This validation can be

module Bootstrap_pipeline : sig ... end

The bootstrap pipeline works as follows: 1. From a locator, it computes a list of subchains (identified by a Block_locator.step) to fetch. 2. A worker starts to fetch all the headers (top to bottom) from a subchain, starting with the top subchain. 3. A worker starts to download the list of operations by batch of blocks once a batch of headers is available. 4. A worker validates blocks one by one (bottom to top).

module Bootstrap_pipeline_event : sig ... end
module Chain_directory : sig ... end
module Chain_validator : sig ... end
module Chain_validator_events : sig ... end
module Clock_drift : sig ... end
module Config_directory : sig ... end
module Consensus_heuristic : sig ... end
module Distributed_db : sig ... end

Tezos Shell - High-level API for the Gossip network and local storage.

module Distributed_db_event : sig ... end
module Distributed_db_message : sig ... end

Tezos Shell - Network message for the gossip P2P protocol.

module Distributed_db_requester : sig ... end

This module creates FULL_REQUESTER modules for several resources. Protocols, operation, block_header, operation_hashes, operations.

module Injection_directory : sig ... end
module Monitor_directory : sig ... end
module Node : sig ... end
module Node_event : sig ... end

Declares logging events for node

module P2p_reader : sig ... end

A P2p_reader.t is a worker that answers the application messages (see Messages) received from a remote peer on a P2p.connection.

module Peer_validator : sig ... end
module Peer_validator_events : sig ... end
module Prevalidation : sig ... end

This module is used by the prevalidator worker to determine whether an operation should be added to the mempool. To do so, it calls on the protocol's Mempool to validate the operation, as well as the Prevalidator_bounding to ensure that the mempool remains bounded. It also retrieves relevant information from the protocol plugin.

module Prevalidator : sig ... end

Tezos Shell - Prevalidation of pending operations (a.k.a Mempool)

module Prevalidator_bounding : sig ... end

Bound the valid operations in the mempool by limiting both their cardinal and their total byte size.

module Prevalidator_classification : sig ... end
module Prevalidator_events : sig ... end
module Prevalidator_pending_operations : sig ... end
module Protocol_directory : sig ... end
module Protocol_validator : sig ... end
module Protocol_validator_event : sig ... end

Declares logging events for protocol_validator

module Shell_metrics : sig ... end
module Shell_operation : sig ... end

This module provides the operation representation used by the prevalidator and its dependencies. It also contains tools for parsing an operation into this representation, and updating the latter.

module Stat_directory : sig ... end
module Synchronisation_heuristic : sig ... end
module Validator : sig ... end

Tezos Shell - Main entry point of the validation scheduler.

module Validator_event : sig ... end

Declares logging events for validator

module Version_directory : sig ... end
module Worker_directory : sig ... end