Protocol Alpha

This page documents the changes brought by protocol Alpha with respect to Nairobi (see Protocol naming).

The code can be found in directory src/proto_alpha of the master branch of Octez.

Environment Version

This protocol requires a different protocol environment version than Nairobi. It requires protocol environment V10, compared to V9 for Nairobi.

Smart Rollups

  • Add the support for bootstrapped smart rollups in storage initialization, similarly to bootstrapped accounts and smart contracts. (MR !8552)

  • Remove the origination proof from the smart rollups’ origination operation. (MR !8817)

Adaptive Inflation (ongoing)

  • Introduce feature flag for Adaptive Inflation. (MR !8566)

Breaking Changes

  • Protocol parameter ratio_of_frozen_deposits_slashed_per_double_endorsement is converted from the ratio 1/5 into the percentage 50% and renamed to percentage_of_frozen_deposits_slashed_per_double_endorsement. (MR !8753)

  • Protocol parameter double_baking_punishment is converted from a fixed value of 640tz into the percentage 11% and renamed to percentage_of_frozen_deposits_slashed_per_double_baking. (MR !8753)

RPC Changes

  • Split duplicated argument pkh in RPC smart_rollups/smart_rollup/<address>/staker1/<pkh>/staker2/<pkh>/timeout and smart_rollups/smart_rollup/<address>/staker1/<pkh>/staker2/<pkh>/timeout_reached into /staker1/<staker1_pkh>/staker2/<staker2_pkh>. This changes the RPC description but not its use. (MR !8339)

  • Update context with new reward parameters. This changes the JSON from the RPC /chains/main/blocks/head/context/constants. (MR !8657)

  • Remove the RPC for computing smart rollups’ origination proofs smart_rollups/all/origination_proof. (MR !8817)


  • Fail earlier when a smart rollup commitment is in conflict when cementing. (MR !8128)

  • split smart rollup origination fct for readibility. (MR !8276)

  • Remove the deprecated and unused tx_rollup_l2_address Michelson type. (MR !8546)

  • Add an internal represention case for the UNIT Michelson instruction. (MR !8579)

  • Encoding that supports endorsement kind in JSON are now suffixed with _with_legacy_attestation_name. Non legacy encoding supports attestation kind. (MR !8563)

  • Michelson: remove legacy behaviour related to contract type. (MR !5800)

  • Michelson: cleanup legacy annotation management. (MR !8208)

  • Michelson: refactor management of metadata in ty smart constructors. (MR !8420)

  • Michelson: remove unused deprecated tx_rollup_l2_address type. (MR !8546)

  • Rename source into sender. (MR !7373)

  • Improve efficiency of solving the baker PoW challenge. (MR !8403)

  • Refactor declarations of make_empty_context and make_empty_tree for easier use. (MR !8550)

  • Move notions of Smart rollup address and various smart rollup hashes types to the shell to make them common to all protocols though the environment. (MR !8562, MR !8625)

  • Refactoring : stake splitted between a frozen part and a delegated part. (MR !8051)

  • Refactoring : rewards computed as a relative portion of the total amount of tez rewarded per minute (about 85tez/min). (MR !8657)

  • Introduce the notion of rollups “machine” which can compute the semantics of a given rollup, but cannot be used to generate or verify proof. (MR !8815)

  • Consensus: optimized validation of attestations by maintaining a set of forbidden delegates instead of checking through an I/O that the delegate has a sufficient frozen deposit. (MR !8722)