Version 11.0~rc1

This release candidate contains a new version (V3) of the protocol environment, which is the set of functions that protocols can call. This new version is used by protocol Hangzhou, which is a proposal for the successor of Granada. This release candidate also contains Hangzhou itself as well as its daemons (baker, endorser and accuser).

Update Instructions

To update from sources:

git fetch
git checkout v11.0-rc1
rm -rf _opam _build
make build-deps
eval $(opam env)

If you are using Docker instead, use the v11.0-rc1 Docker images of Tezos.

If you are installing Octez using Opam, note that Opam packages for Octez v11.0~rc1 are not yet available. Also note that the required OCaml version is now 4.12.0. This means that you will need to create a new switch with opam switch create 4.12.0.