Version 8.0~rc1

Version 8.0~rc1 is the first release candidate of version 8.0. If it proves to be stable, it will become the next major release.

Update Instructions

To update from sources:

git fetch
git checkout v8.0-rc1
make build-deps
eval $(opam env)

If you are using Docker instead, use the v8.0-rc1 Docker images of Tezos.

Changelog — Version 8.0


  • Fixed all known cases where the node would not stop when interrupted with Ctrl+C.

  • The node’s mempool relies on a new synchronisation heuristic. The node’s behaviour, especially at startup, may differ slightly; log messages in particular are likely to be different. More information is available in the whitedoc.

  • The new synchronisation heuristic emits an event when the synchronisation status changes. This can be used to detect when the chain is stuck for example. More information is available in the whitedoc.

  • Node option --bootstrap-threshold is now deprecated and may be removed starting from version 9.0. Use --synchronisation-threshold instead.

  • Fixed an issue which prevented using ports higher than 32767 in the client configuration file.

  • The tezos-node run command now automatically generates an identity file as if you had run tezos-node identity generate if its data directory contains no identity file.

  • Improved various log messages and errors.

  • When bootstrapping, do not greylist peers in rolling mode whose oldest known block is newer than our head.

  • Made the timestamp in log messages more precise (added milliseconds).

  • Fixed encoding of P2P header message length for larger lengths.

  • Added -d as a short-hand for the --data-dir option of the node.

  • Added a built-in activator key for the built-in sandbox network. This allows to spawn a sandbox without the need for a custom genesis protocol.

  • Greylist the identity and address of peers that send malformed messages.

  • Fixed some cases where the context was not closed properly when terminating a node or if the baker failed to bake a block.

  • Removed the “get operation hashes” and “operation hashes” messages of the distributed database protocol. Those messages were never used.

  • Reduced the amount of log messages being kept in memory (that can be queried using RPCs) before they are discarded to reduce the total memory footprint.

  • Fixed a case where the /workers/prevalidator RPC could fail if there were too many workers.

  • Fixed how protocol errors are displayed. Before, there were printed using the cryptic consequence of bad union message.

  • Pruned blocks can now be queried using RPC /chains/<chain>/blocks/<block>. The metadata field will be empty in the response, leaving only the header.

  • Fixed handling of pre-epoch timestamps, in particular in RPCs.

  • Time is now output with millisecond precision when calling RPCs.

  • Fixed the /chains/<chain>/blocks RPC which sometimes did not return all blocks.

  • Improved the performance of the progress indicator when importing snapshots.

  • Improved performance of tezos-node snapshot export.

  • Fixed the node which sent too many “get current branch” messages to its peers on testchain activation.


  • The tezos-client config show command now takes into account the command line arguments.

  • Fixed an issue which caused tezos-client rpc get /errors as well as tezos-codec dump encodings to fail because of duplicate encodings. As a result, some protocol encodings whose name was not prefixed by the protocol name are now prefixed by it. If you have tools which rely on encoding names you may have to update them.

  • Added client command multiple transfers from <src> using <transfers.json> to perform multiple operations from the same address in a single command.

  • Added option --endpoint to client and bakers. It replaces options --addr, --port and --tls which are now deprecated.

  • Added command rpc patch to the client, to perform RPCs using the PATCH HTTP method.

  • Make the client emit a more human-readable error if it failed to understand an error from the node.

  • Added client commands tezos-client convert script <script> from <input> to <output> and tezos-client convert data <data> from <input> to <output> to convert to and from michelson, JSON, binary and OCaml with type-checking.

  • The client now retries commands a few times if the node is not yet ready.

  • Added client command compute chain id from block hash <hash> and compute chain id from seed <seed> to compute the chain id corresponding to, respectively, a block hash or a seed.

  • Added the verbose-signing switch to a number of multisig commands.

  • The prepare multisig commands now display the Blake 2B hash.

  • Some client commands which use the default zero key tz1Ke2h7sDdakHJQh8WX4Z372du1KChsksyU in dry runs now display this key using an informative string the baker who will include this operation instead of the key itself.

  • Fixed an error which occurred in the client when several keys had the same alias.

  • Added support for some rpc {get,post,...} commands in the client’s mockup mode.

  • Added --mode mockup flag to config init for the client’s mockup mode, that writes the mockup’s current configuration to files.

  • Added --mode mockup flag to config show for the client’s mockup mode, that prints the mockup’s current configuration to standard output.

  • Added arguments --bootstrap-accounts and --protocol-constants to the client’s create mockup command. --bootstrap-accounts allows changing the client’s bootstrap accounts and --protocol-constants allows overriding some of the protocol’s constants. Use commands config {show,init} mockup (on an existing mockup) to see the expected format of these arguments.

  • The client no longer creates the base directory by default in mockup mode.

  • Fixed the argument --password-filename option which was ignored if it was present in the configuration file.

Baker / Endorser / Accuser

  • The baker now automatically tries to bake again in case it failed. It retries at most 5 times.

  • The baker now outputs an explicit error when it loses connection with the node.

  • Added command-line option --keep-alive for the baker. It causes the baker to attempt to reconnect automatically if it loses connection with the node.

Protocol Compiler And Environment

  • Prepare the addition of SHA-3 and Keccak-256 cryptographic primitives.

  • Prepare the introduction of the new protocol environment for protocol 008.

  • The protocol compiler now rejects protocols for which the OCaml compiler emits warnings.


  • Fixed tezos-codec dump encodings which failed due to two encodings having the same name.